What Is Fayette University?

Fayette Baptist University is our Wednesday Night Program that equips members with a well-balanced, variety of classes, training, & service opportunities based on Ephesians 4:11-13. The program is designed to take you through an intentional process that allows you to:

KNOW God better through a variety of classes that will focus on different characteristics of God and your faith

GROW Disciples through classes that are aimed at specific aspects of your Christian life such as family & finances

DEVELOP leaders & volunteers to more effectively serve the Lord by understanding their role in the church’s mission

GO Serve by being involved in a ministry that ministers to others on a weekly basis on Wednesday Nights

Why Is It Called University?

We want to allow participants to have more options to choose from throughout the year so that they can be equipped in each aspect of our church’s mission. The format is similar to a University since we will offer 3 semesters of classes, with 2 seven week terms in each semester. That means that 6 different terms will take place over the next year. Most classes will be repeated on back to back 7-week terms in order to give everyone an opportunity to experience each area.

Fayette Baptist University Challenge

Each member is asked to complete the Fayette Baptist University Challenge! At the end of the year, we will celebrate those who did it! The Challenge can be fulfilled in 2 ways:

1. Participate in a class/program from each of the 4 categories (KNOW, GROW, DEVELOP, GO), then choose 2 “electives” from any category to participate in.

2. Invest in a ministry within the “GO” track and serve with that ministry for the entire year, instead of 7-week terms.

We have the wonderful privilege to GO Serve others on Wednesday Nights in various ways! We ask each member to choose to GO Serve in one of these areas for at least one 7-week term, or you may choose to GO Serve in one of these areas for the whole year & “GO” all the time!