Connecting and committing to the church family

How to Begin the Process

We would love for you and your family to visit with us and attend a worship service at Fayette Baptist Church.

After visiting, simply request information, receive a visit, or ask any questions that you would like answered about Fayette Baptist Church. We would love to help you and your family with any needs that you might have.

If you sense God leading you to commit your life to Christ and/or grow and serve at Fayette Baptist Church, simply come forward during the invitation of any worship service, stop by the welcome center, or inform a staff member that you would like to become a member of Fayette Baptist Church.

Connect Class

At Fayette Baptist Church, we believe that the church is a living, growing organism made up of many parts all working together to extend and expand the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 12). Because of this belief, we feel that membership means more than simply having your name on a roll or a giving report. We believe that being a member of the church means that you take an active part in the mission and ministries of the church.

Once you have requested membership, you will be contacted and signed up to go through our “Connect” Classes on Sunday mornings at 9:00, which is a 4 week Membership Process that guides you through all of our beliefs, doctrines, and philosophy of ministry, as well as opportunities for service at Fayette Baptist Church. This is also a time for us to get to know you and your salvation experience, passions and interests in life, as well as your vision for ministry.

Upon the conclusion of Connect, if you sense that Fayette Baptist Church is the place for you and your family to commit to grow in your faith and serve the Lord, you will have an opportunity to sign the Fayette Baptist Church Covenant. The covenant is required for membership and lists the expectations by the church for its members, who, by signing it, enter into an agreement to protect and support the church by living out each of our core values and beliefs evidenced by God’s Word.

Once you have attended all 4 Connect classes and have signed the Fayette Baptist Church Covenant, you will be presented to the congregation as a member of Fayette Baptist Church.