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Josh Mabry
Music Ministry Director


About the Music Ministry

The music  ministry provides opportunities for those skilled in any instrument, or enjoys singing to exercise those passions and talents for the Lord  through Praise Team and Choir.

The Fayette Baptist Music Ministry exists to glorify God and spread the gospel through songs of praise, while providing an avenue of ministry and service for those who have a passion and desire to sing songs and play instruments to God.

The Fayette Baptist Praise Team  practices every Sunday morning at 8 AM in the library. Choir practice is on Wednesday nights from 7:40-8:20 PM. If you would like to be a part of the Music Ministry at Fayette Baptist Church (singing or playing an instrument), please contact Josh Mabry, Music and Teaching Pastor, at josh@fayettebaptist.com.

What are the values of the Music Ministry?

Character– Music Ministry is first and foremost about the character of the individual leading and directing the Music Ministry, as well as, those singing and playing an instrument. Anyone involved must understand that Music Ministry is not a concert or performance, but an opportunity to worship the Lord and lead others to worship the Lord.

Commitment– Music Ministry is also about commitment. A commitment to a personal relationship with the Lord is essential and must be evident by testimony and lifestyle. This commitment begins with membership and faithful attendance to Fayette Baptist Church on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights.

Clarity– Music Ministry can often times be labeled and defined by the clarity (or lack thereof) of the music and those leading in the ministry. Because of that, we desire that each of every song sung or played be rooted in Jesus Christ, while also being clearly understood and heard by those listening/singing throughout the church. We desire to be be above reproach in all that we say and do.

Balance– Music Ministry is also about balance. Fayette Baptist Church sees the value in many different styles of Christian music: Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, Contemporary, Traditional, etc. The Body of Christ is composed of individuals of all ages and music backgrounds and preferences. Scripture clearly shows us the value in all of these areas of music. Therefore, we see value in laying out song selections and worship experiences where a balance of songs are sung in each service from week to week. Regardless of the song chosen, each will be rooted in Jesus Christ and clearly understood to be a Christian song.