"Accountable 2 You" Accountability Software

Today, we live in a digital world with ever-increasing access to the Internet through smartphones. While this technology has brought about many positive elements to our world, it has also fueled the rise of online sexually graphic content. Pornography has had a destructive impact on families throughout the country.

To combat this epidemic, Fayette Baptist has partnered with Accountable2You, a leader in online accountability. Their easy-to-use software recognizes a range of objectionable content, including websites with sexual, self-harming and other destructive content. In addition, their advanced monitoring system can even track apps used, and location history. To see a complete list of what is monitored by Accountable2You, click here.

We don’t want to see another Fayette Baptist family impacted by the tidal wave of negative content that exists on the Internet. Install Accountable2You today on all Internet-enabled devices to stay proactive in the war against pornography and to safely browse the Internet in a manner worthy of Christ.

Discounted Pricing – Accountable2You is offering a special rate to Prestonwood individuals/families. This discounted rate means you can affordably protect every member of your family from the dangers that exist on the Internet. Please follow the steps below to see the special pricing offered to Fayette Baptist.


  1. Create your Accountable2You subscription HERE  to receive Fayette Baptist's discounted pricing.
  2. Using the installation guides found HERE , install the Accountable2You on your devices.
  3. Choose an accountability partner who will receive daily or weekly reports of objectionable online content; detailed guide found HERE .
  4. You’re all set. Resume normal device usage!
    (If you need technical support, please contact Accountable2You at support@accountable2you.com.)