WHEN: Monday Nights from March 25-May 6

TIME: 1hr games played at 6, 7, and 8pm

COST: $10

WHO CAN PLAY: Youth and up

Registration open now for our 3rd annual Adult Coed Volleyball League! Click the button below to sign up a team of 8 players! A short list of the basic rules is available below.

  • In the net violations
  • Under the net is ok if no touch happens
  • Lift or carry on a pass / set / hit (grace given) 
  • ‘Double hit’: can’t hit twice before another teammate touches the ball (grace will be given on ‘sets’ )
  • In & out on lines
  • Service foot faults
  • Hits with your hand / head / foot are allowed as legal hit
  • Foot: cannot be a kick
  • Overhand serves are allowed (no jump serves)
  • Cannot intentionally serve to the same person more than 3 consecutive times
  • 5 consecutive service points … server must change to underhand serve for rest of service round
  • No blocking of serves
  • Block on the net does NOT count as one of the ‘3 hits’ per side
  • NOTE: Final verdict on any rule questions to be determine by Hunter Burriss or Daniel Davis